October 01, 2010

sink or swim on the interwebs

Chartreuse Latitude is an adventure- in crafting, building, growing, a rich sub tropical flora, and an alter ego. Through this exploration of place, food, people, art, and gentle living I hope to feel at home in the world. By observing, drawing, walking, photographing, collecting, and absorbing an environment and reflecting it back, I aim to inspire appreciation.  My work is diverse, ranging from drawing to sculpture to edible from utilitarian to luxurious. It's the art of figuring out how to live.  I use mundane, ordinary materials and transform them into extraordinary curiosities. For years I've been working out of various studio situations on a range of projects, and lately I've been feeling a need to archive my work. For now the only thing clear in my mind is the intimate, enthusiastic, and growing understanding of a small stretch of Florida. So here goes...

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